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Keep your carpets cleaner than ever with Based in Dubai, we offer professional carpet cleaning services and more. We call this our Signature Service®. Our expert teams are equipped with German-made fine-dust vacuums, professional shampooing and steam cleaning equipment, that is capable of deep cleaning your carpet without damaging the fabric.

With just one litre of water, our steam cleaning equipment can create thousands of litres of piping hot steam, saving valuable resources and avoiding the use of any toxic chemicals in your living environment. Regular in-situ carpet cleaning services generally use cleaning materials that contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals leave residues that may be inhaled or absorbed through the skin over time. This is particularly true for small children, who live closer to the ground than adults, and may put playthings into their mouths.

Domestic pets are also at danger from regular chemical cleaning materials, as they inhale the vapours or absorb toxins through their paw pads, leading to long term health issues which can be life-shortening. At, we only use all-natural eco-friendly carpet cleaning materials to keep you and your loved ones safe. Together with our German-made professional shampooing and steam-cleaning machinery, carpet cleaning has never been this safe, or this effective.

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For really thorough, local carpet cleaning services, trust only the professionals. Book our team for professional carpet cleaning services Dubai. Schedule a Signature Service® home cleaning appointment today. You can conveniently book and pay online with any major credit card.

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