All-natural eco-friendly deep cleaning

Once in a while, your Dubai home or workspace needs more than just regular weekly cleaning services. It needs a new level of deep cleaning, with a friendly and professional team and the best eco-cleaning equipment available. Enter, who can help you to get your home or workspace looking and feeling like new again. We call this our Signature Service®, a unique mix of fine-dust vacuuming, eco-friendly shampooing and high-pressure steam. It is perfect for deep-cleaning sofas, carpets, curtains and mattresses. Whether you have a villa, an apartment or an office, you can rest easy that every nook and cranny will be cleaned deeply and thoroughly. In just a few hours, the team from will deliver all-natural eco-friendly residential and commercial cleaning services to give your home or workspace a complete ‘cleaning makeover’.

German made steam cleaning machine

We not only use all-natural eco-friendly cleaning materials imported from California, but we also use top-of-the -line professional cleaning equipment, Made in Germany. Our steam cleaning machines, for example, get deeper into fabrics without damaging the textiles or using any chemicals at all. With just one litre of water, these amazing machines can create thousands of litres of piping hot steam, saving valuable resources and avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in your living environment. Steam kills the bacteria that cause odours to linger in soft furnishings, for a fresh-as-new feeling in your home. Mattresses, sofas, chairs, curtains and other drapes, will all benefit from periodical steam cleaning. All the work will be done in situ by our professional teams so there is no additional burden on you; curtains do not need to be removed from the rail and nothing needs to be collected or returned.

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Schedule deep cleaning services from Dubai’s leading all-natural eco-friendly cleaning company today. Get in touch with us on the website, where you can book and pay all our services conveniently online. If you have questions, call us or send us a WhatsApp and we will call you back at your convenience. Make a conscious choice for a cleaner home and a healthier living environment, free of chemical residues that regular domestic cleaning materials leave behind. Book and discover the pleasure of a deep-cleaned home or workspace today.

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