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Moving home can be stressful enough, without having to deal with all the cleaning issues. It’s a good thing is now here to help you out. Once you have moved out, we offer complete turnkey move-out cleaning services, so you stand a much better chance of receiving your security deposit back from the landlord. Our team can remove wall-mounted items; fill any drill holes; they can do paint touch-ups; and will leave the empty apartment in tip-top condition, so your property manager will hopefully tick all the boxes on your handover protocol.

Stressed with the thought of moving your personal things into a dirty new place? Are the kitchen cupboards full of grime? Is the stove and the cooker-hood greasy? Is the shower stall full of limescale? Is the balcony or terrace really dirty? Are the windows in need of some TLC? Book our professional move-in cleaning services before you move your things in.

Sit back and relax as we make sure your new place is as clean and ready as it can be for you. Our professional teams come fully equipped with German-made professional cleaning machinery. Our steam cleaners are capable of deep cleaning your kitchen and bathroom without damage. We have professional floor-scrubbers to clean even the dirtiest tiles. And our high-pressure cleaners will clean outside areas and terraces in no time at all.

Best of all, we only use all-natural eco-friendly cleaning materials so you can be sure there are no toxic residues in your new home. Regular cleaning services generally use cleaning materials that contain toxins. These chemicals leave residues that may be inhaled or absorbed through the skin over time. This is particularly true for small children, who live closer to the ground than adults, and may put playthings into their mouths. Domestic pets are also at danger from regular chemical cleaning materials, as they inhale the vapours or absorb toxins through their paw pads, leading to long term health issues which can be life-shortening. With you can rest assured that your new living space will be a healthy living environment for all the family, from day one.

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Let us help you move to a new chapter in your life. Schedule move-in and move-out cleaning services today. You can conveniently book and pay online with any major credit card.

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