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Dubai’s first five-star home services company

  • is committed to supporting Dubai's Happiness Agenda
  • Now officially the city’s only five-star homecare services company
  • Offering advanced cleaning techniques, eco-friendly products and five-star service is committed to exceptional service, cutting-edge cleaning techniques and customer satisfaction under the motto: ‘We love the work you hate.’ Using only the latest German cleaning technology, eco-friendly materials, and with a strong focus on staff training, Dubai’s premier homecare services provider is proud to be recognised as the sector’s only five-star company.

Dubai's Happiness Agenda aims to create a society that prioritises the happiness and wellbeing of its residents and is fully aligned with this vision. “We want to play our part in making Dubai the happiest city on the planet,” says Managing Director Ljubica Dordevic. She continued: “Clean and well organised spaces have a direct impact on mental and emotional wellbeing, and understands the significance of fostering a happy and thriving community.”

Whether it's a pristine home or an immaculate workspace, the professional teams at ensure that residents can prosper in an environment that supports their wellbeing and happiness. From apartments and villas, to restaurants, gyms, clinics, showrooms, and offices, seeks to minimise the stress associated with cleaning and tidying chores, allowing people to focus on other activities that bring them joy and fulfilment. “We help to maintain spaces that are not only squeaky clean, but also foster a sense of tranquillity and happiness,” says the German-trained MD.

The team members are all considered virtual partners in the business and strive to provide exceptional cleaning results combined with personalised service. App-based checklists on their smartphones ensure that each co-worker always knows where to go and what to do.

As far as possible, the company avoids any kind of toxic cleaning material. “We clean most surfaces with plant-based products derived from ingredients like coconut oil and grapefruit seeds,” concludes Ljubica.

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Founded in Dubai four years ago with one cleaner and one customer, the company set out to change the homecare services sector for good. With ethical employment standards, safe and eco-friendly cleaning materials, and continuous reinvestment into the latest German cleaning technology, the company has seen strong organic growth and is now poised for further expansion. The company manages its own training courses and certifies its team members regularly, both internally and externally. Find out more at:

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Dubai’s first five-star home services company
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