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Health and wellness training

Work can bring us all pressure and stress. That's a fact, and it's unlikely to change.

A recent workplace study showed that nearly half of the employees surveyed, said an employer training programme helps them to manage stress better. And over 60% said training programmes helped them make healthier lifestyle choices, which in turn lead to better physical and mental health, and higher levels of happiness. Over 70% of employees with access to a wellness programme reported higher levels of job satisfaction. And employees who enjoy their jobs, are also better at them. From an employer perspective, happier staff have improved engagement levels, increased productivity, and fewer sick days.

True to our values of being an ethical company that invests time and resource in training, we recently worked with Iryna, a professional fitness and wellness coach, who shared her knowledge to our staff on how to improve their nutrition. She also showed them some home-friendly exercises that they can do without going to a gym. What’s more, they learned how to meditate, clear the mind, and focus on the task in-hand.

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