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I Hate Cleaning: the best home cleaning services

Are you looking for first-class home cleaning and repair services? You can trust to take care of all your housework. With so little spare time, you can only do so much. You’ve been working hard for long hours, while also trying to keep the house together… Before you leave for work, you cram your way through breakfast? When you get home, you still have to prepare dinner and finish tidying up from the morning’s house hurricane? On weekends, you might be able to squeeze in your laundry, bond with your family and take some short but precious me-time? You might be able to clean up a bit but you know that there’s much more to do in the unseen corners of your home. You need more help than you think you do. can cover all your cleaning needs with a professional team to work on your home and furniture.

Go Green

At we use only 100% natural, organic cleaning materials that are both environmentally and health-friendly. They are much better for you, your family and any domestic pets in your home. The materials we use are imported from and certified in California, as non-toxic, biodegradable and untested on animals. We really care about the environment without compromising the quality of our services.

Services offered

We offer the following home and commercial cleaning services with the help of our fully trained and highly experienced crews:

  • Residential Cleaning – for basic services in many areas of your home like the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, including vacuuming, dusting counters and appliances, cleaning glass and mirrors, ironing, etc.
  • Deep Cleaning – perfect for before or after parties, moving in or out at the beginning or end of a tenancy period
  • Upholstery Cleaning – focuses on steam cleaning soft furnishings like your sofa covers, mattresses, curtains and cushions
  • AC Cleaning – freshen up your home by having your accessible AC system cleaned up and freed of mould and grime
  • Maintenance services – includes house repairs, painting and small construction projects

How we get the job done

At we use modern, professional cleaning equipment Made in Germany for all our cleaning and maintenance services. Our hot steam cleaning effectively kills dust mites, germs, harmful bacteria, and removes lingering odours from fabric-based soft furnishings. While you’re enjoying the company of your family, IHateCleaning will help to transform your home into a more comfortable place to live. Come home to a hygienic and spotless home after a cleaning session from

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