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What success looks like for us

When Alfie joined last year, he hadn’t seen his kids for nearly eight years. His previous companies either hadn’t paid his leave flights - or hadn’t paid him at all.

After working hard with us, Alfie was entitled to one month’s paid leave. He has just spent well-earned time with his kids back home in the Philippines. (They’ve grown taller than him, he said). This may seem normal to you. But it means the world to Alfie and his family.

We think the time has come for the cleaning sector to clean up its act. With professional training. Fair pay. Regular holidays. Health insurance. And non-toxic cleaning materials that don’t harm cleaners, or their customers.

At we’re determined to change the cleaning sector for good. If you’d like to support a cleaning company that places its cleaners at the heart of its business, please reach out to us.

Our focus is commercial cleaning, for companies who are prepared to pay a little more for our five-star service, and the good feeling that their payments are reaching the good people doing the work. That’s how we measure success.

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What success looks like for us